GTDiApps was created by myself, Ian Skellern, a runner from Liverpool in the UK, because I wanted an app that would allow me to run around the world. This was why I created Virtual Run, Bike & Hike.

Since then I have also created Virtual Journeys for Fitbit and Virtual Journeys for Strava which broadly use the same codebase. These are also referred to as Virtual Fitbit and Virtual Strava which were their original name but I wasn’t allowes to use these names by Apple since I needed to make it clear that are 3rd party apps that utilise Fitbit & Strava data as opposed to Apps created by Fitbit & Strava.

Virtual Strava is my current favourite because I track my runs using a GPS watch which auto syncs with my Strava account which in turns automatically syncs with my Virtual Run around the world loosely following the steps of Rosie Swales-Pope.

I have also created Tick-it Off which is a simple checklist app.

GTDiApps is now maintained by Ian Skellern (developer), Gemma Skellern (webmaster, quality assurance and social media strategist) and Thomas Skellern (graphics and testing), and Diane Skellern (testing).