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Need any help/ guidance on using my apps ?

I have created a set of YouTube videos to help you to get started using my “Virtual Journeys” apps.

The “Getting Started” video for “Virtual Journeys for Fitbit” can be viewed below:

The equivalent for “Virtual Journeys for Strava” is:

The full series of videos can be viewed via the following links:

2 – Adding Your First Route
3 – Calculating Your Route
4 – Tracking Your Activity
5 – Amending Your Route
6 – Defining Multiple WayPoints
7 – Adding Additional Routes

Although the videos are written for “Virtual Journeys for Fitbit”, they are equally applicable to “Virtual Journeys for Strava” and even “Virtual Run, Bike & Hike” since these are share the same codebase. You just need to substitute Strava for Fitbit whenever you see it

Virtual Run, Bike & Hike

Virtual Run, Bike & Hike
Virtual Run, Bike & Hike

Travel the world with Virtual Run, Bike & Hike without ever leaving your home town.

Ever wanted to run to Sydney? How about cycle to New York? Maybe hike to Paris? If the only thing holding you back is the practicalities of running, cycling or hiking between these locations, Virtual Run Bike & Hike is the app for you.
Virtual Run Bike & Hike allows you to select a destination of your choice, input your runs, bike rides and hikes into the app, and with your combined runs, cycles and hikes, you’ll see yourself pass each of your waypoints as you get closer and closer to your desired destination.
Travel the world with Virtual Run Cycle & Hike without even having to leave your home town!
Get Virtual Run Bike & Hike lite free on the Apple App Store or buy the full version and unlock the ability to:
* add a custom photo/ icon
* add multiple routes
* add more than three waypoints

Virtual Run, Bike & Lite Lite

Virtual Run, Bike & Lite (Full Version)

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